New IGNOU MEG-03 Help Book British Novel in English – MA English Latest Edition Guide and Study Material.

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Block 1 – Henry Fielding: Tom Jones
Some Aspects of Fiction
As we First Read Tom Jones
Important Thematic Areas in Tom Jones
Characters as Characterisations
Artistic Unity or Socio-Cultural Concerns?
Feminist Concerns in Fielding
Some Critical Opinions on Tom Jones
Narration in Fiction and Third World Preferences

Block 2 – Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice
The Novel in its Context
Main Themes in Pride and Prejudice-I
Main Themes in Pride and Prejudice-II
Characters in the Novel
The Narrative of Pride and Prejudice
Critical Perspectives

Block 3 – Wuthering Heights
Background to Wuthering Heights
The Problem of Narrative
‘Gift of God’: Heathcliff
‘You Look Like A Lady Now’: Significance of Catherine
Wuthering Heights: One Hundred and Fifty Years

Block 4 – Charles Dicknens: Great Expectations
Great Expectations and Self-Improvement
Improvement or Disintegration?
Great Expectations and The Fairytale
Crime and Respectability

Block 5 – George Eliot: Middlemarch
Approaching the Novel
Themes, Characters, Techniques
Philosophical Underpinnings
Eliot’s Perspectives
The Finale

Block 6 – Joseph Conrad: Heart of darkness
His Story and History
Literary Analysis-I
Literary Analysis-II
Race, Empire, Gender in Heart of Darkness
The Lengthening Shadow

Block 7 – James Joyce: A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Genre, Overall Structure and Point of View
Stephen’s Growth and Personality
Critical Perspectives: A Brief Selective Overview

Block 8 – Edward Morgan Forester: A Passage to India
Passages to India
Representations of India (A): Approaches to the Novel
History and A Passage to India
Race Class and Gender in a Passage to India
Representations of India (B): Religions in the Novel
Passages from India

Block 9 – Muriel Sprak: The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie
The English Novel: Modernism and After
Muriel Spark: Her life, her Works, and the Text
Analysing the Text-I
Analysing the Text-II
The English Novel: 1960s and After

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