Marketing Management

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Block 1 – Rural Markets—An Overview
Rural Markets in India
Understanding Rural Environment

Block 2 – Understanding the Rural Consumer
Differential Aspects of Newing Behaviour and Major Influences on Rural Newing Behaviour
Trends in Consumer Behaviour
Rural Marketing Research

Block 3 – Product and Pricing Decisions for the Rural Markets
Product Development, Adoption Process and Modification Decisions
Pricing Decisions

Block 4 – Managing the Promotion
Understanding Rural Media and Current Opportunities
Message Design and Development for Rural Markets
Rural Sales Promotion Effort

Block 5 – Accessing Rural Markets
Physical Infrastructure and Dynamics of Distribution
Participants in the Rural Distribution Process
Physical Distribution Process

Block 6 – Understanding Rural Merketing Process–Case Studies
Rural Communication: A Case Study of Philips Consumer Electronics
Mass Media and Social Advertising
Rural Distribution for the FMCG Sector – A Case Study of HLL
Rural Newing Behaviour: A Case Study of Consumer In Jammu

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