Library and Information Science

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Block 1 – Classification-DDC: 19th Edition
Introduction, Structure and Organisation
Definitions, Notes and Instructions
Introduction to Three Summaries and Steps in Classifying Documents
Relative Index and its Use
Study of Tables and Schedules
Auxiliary Tables and Devices
Practical Classification

Block 2 – Cataloguing-AACR 11 and MARC 21
AACR-2R: Preliminaries
Choice and Rendering of Headings and Statement of Responsibility
Cataloguing Multi-Volumes, Serial Publications and Non-Print Media
MARC-21 Cataloguing

Block 3 – Indexing – Sears List of Subject Heading
Structure of Sears List of Subject Headings (18th Edition)
Keyword Indexing
Chain Indexing (DDC – 19th Edition)

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