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Block 1 – Past and History
What is History?

Block 2 – History Writing in Early India
Myths, Dana-Stuti, Gatha, Akhyana and the Transition to Epic and Ithihasa Purana Tradition
Buddhist and Jain Traditions
Kathas and Charitas
Inscriptions and Prashastis

Block 3 – History Writing in South India
Sangam Literary Tradition
Amuktamalyada and Rayavachakamu

Block 4 – Regional Traditions of History Writing
Hagiographies and Bhakti Traditions
Genealogies and Family Histories
Bakhar and Buranji

Block 5 – Indo-Persian Traditions of History Writing
Ziauddin Barani
Muhammad Qasim Ferishta
Abul Fazl

Block 6 – India as Seen by the Others
Greek, Chinese, Arab and Persian Accounts
European Travelogues

Block 7 – History Writing in Colonial India
Colonial History Writing

Block 8 – Post-Independence Historiography
Marxist and Subalterns
Emerging Themes in History Writing

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