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Block 1 – Modernism
Introduction to Modernism
Modernism in Poetry
Modernism in the Novel
Modernism in Drama

Block 2 – Novel (1)
The Early Twentieth Century British Novel: Social and Cultural Contexts
D. H. Lawrence and the British Novel
Sons and Lovers: Analysis and Interpretations
Sons and Lovers: Themes and Concerns

Block 3 – Novel (2)
“Stream of Consciousness”: an Introduction
Virginia Woolf as Novelist
Mrs. Dalloway – Analysis and Interpretations
Mrs. Dalloway – Themes and Concerns

Block 4 – Poetry
W.B. Yeats: “The Second Coming”
T.S. Eliot: “Journey of the Magi”
W. H. Auden: “The Unknown Citizen”
Stephen Spender: “I think continually of those who were truly great.”

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