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Block 1 – Introduction to Economic Growth
Economic Growth: Concept and Measurement
The Harrod-Domar Growth Model
The Neoclassical Growth Model-I
The Cambridge Growth Model-II

Block 2 – Technology, Productivity and Growth
Technical Change and Economic Growth
Total Factor Productivity and Growth Accounting
Distribution and Growth
Development Plan Models

Block 3 – Extension and Critique of Growth Models
Growth Models with Optimizing Agents
Growth Models under Uncertainty
Endogenous Growth Models-I
Endogenous Growth Models-II
Current Debates in Economic Growth

Block 4 – Development and Underdevelopment-I
Development: Human Welfare Approach
Development processes and its consequences
Labour migration and Labour market

Block 5 – Development and Underdevelopment-II
Global Supply Chain
Demographical changes and nutrition related issues
Behavioural Economics and Development
Geography in Economic Development

Block 6 – Human Rights and Development
Rights based Approach to Development
Gender and Development
Democracy and Development

Block 7 – State, Markets and Institutions
Role of the State in Development
Institutional Evolutions and Reforms
Climate Change and Natural Resource Management

Block 8 – Reflection on Development Experience
The Chinese Economy
East Asian Economics
The Brazilian Economy
South African Economy

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