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Block 1 – Review of Basic Mathematics
Fundamental Concepts of Mathematics
Overview of Basic Methods of Mathematics
Relations and Functions
Co-ordinate Geometry and Representation of Functions

Block 2 – Linear Algebra
Matrix Algebra
Vector Analysis
Vectors and Matrices
Vector and Matrix Representations of Linear Equations

Block 3 – Calculus
Limit and Continuity
Differential Calculus: Functions of One Variable
Differential Calculus: Functions of Several Variables
Integration: Introduction and Techniques

Block 4 – Real Analysis
Real Analysis
Calculus of Several Variables
Basic Concepts of Metric Space and Point Set Topology

Block 5 – Extreme Values and Optimisation
Optimisation: An Introduction
Unconstrained and Constrained Optimisation
Advanced Topics in Optimisation–I
Advanced Topics in Optimisation–II

Block 6 – Economic Dynamics
Difference Equations: Theory and Economic Applications
Differential Equations

Block 7 – Dynamic Optimisation
Intertemporal Optimisation-I
Intertemporal Optimisation-II
Economic Applications of Dynamic Optimisation

Block 8 – Probability and Probability Distributions
Probability Theory
Probability Distributions-I
Probability Distributions-II

Block 9 – Inferential Statistics
Sampling Theory
Sampling Distributions
Hypothesis Testing

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